Indigenous Peoples

Bushmen's own website, named "I want to go home".
ILRC is dedicated to the protection of indigenous peoples’ human rights, cultures, and traditional lands. The Center provides legal and technical support to indigenous communities working on these issues.
Tebtebba Foundation is committed to the recognition, protection and promotion of indigenous peoples' rights worldwide.
The site works on behalf of whanau, hapu and iwi, particularly on environment and resource management issues. New Zealand.
NGO sites
Organization dedicated to reduce poverty in the rain forests of eastern Guatemala.
Aldet Centre - Saint Lucia
Organization established for the purpose of promoting strategic studies, human rights and democratic development in Saint Lucia (Hiwanaru).
Amanaka'a Amazon Network
Organization dedicated to support the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil.
Amerindian Peoples Association (APA)
APA is an advocacy organisation which focuses on the rights of the Amerindians Peoples of Guyana.
Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact - AIPP
Regional organisation conceived by indigenous peoples organizations to strengthen the process of building cooperation and solidarity among indigenous peoples of Asia.
Association Mayalán
Organization whose members come from the rural Mayan communities of Guatemala. Their work began in response to the violence of the Guatemalan civil war and is based in the principles of Mayan culture and world view. Guatemala.
Aymara Net
The site has information about social activism, scholars, artists, publications, and other general information relating to the Aymaras in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.
Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink
CAC is a central link to a wide range of websites that either focus upon or shed light upon the Native peoples of the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. It aims to provide content and build community at the same time.
Center for Economic and Political Research of Community Action - CIEPAC
Conducts research, analysis and publishing on the economic, politica, social and human rights conditions of indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica. Mexico.
Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE)
CONAIE is a representative body aimed at guaranteeing indigenous peoples of Ecuador a political voice.
Continental Network of Indigenous Women
The Continental initiative of Indigenous Women aims to strengthen the organisational processes of the regions to give better clarity to the organisational work at the national level, promote solidarity, and give more visibility and voice to the Indigenous women inside the international arena. Panama.
Cordillera Peoples Alliance
Federation of indigenous peoples' grassroots organizations at the forefront of indigenous peoples' struggles for the defense of land, life and resources in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines.
Dobbo-Yala Foundation
The Dobbo-Yala Foundation is a private, indigenous organization with the mission to develop the indigenous peoples and conserve the environment. Panama.
Foundation EcoBolivia
They work to improve the quality of life of the original inhabitants in the areas they work. Bolivia.
Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Centre (PIT)
Information, views, knowledge, recommendations and results for the Indigenous peoples. Costa Rica.
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The Yanomami threathened by gold mining
Say no to oil exploration on indigenous lands in Colombia

Selected news
Brazilian indians protest against dams
Wed Jul 07 2010 - Source: Survival
Enawene Nawe Indians in Brazil are demonstrating against a series of hydroelectric dams which are killing the fish they rely on.
Landmark decision rules Kenya's removal of indigenous people from ancestral land illegal
Wed Feb 10 2010 - Source: Minority Rights
In a landmark decision, the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights has found the Kenyan government guilty of violating the rights of the country’s indigenous Endorois community, by evicting them from their lands to make way for a wildlife reserve.
Up to 100 dead in Amazon clashes says activist
Mon Jun 08 2009 - Source: ABC news
Up to 100 Amazon natives have been killed after Friday's military crackdown on protesters in Peru and the situation is expected to worsen, says a Canadian Indigenous rights activist.

Mining - Fri Jun 17 2011
The non-governmental Citizen Participation Forum for Justice and Human Rights (FOCO) accused the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold of violating in Argentina environmental and human health guidelines set by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD.

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