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Migration - Mon Dec 17 2007
World radio celebrates International Migrants Day
Radio 1812 is an initiative of December 18, the International Advocacy and Resource Centre on the Human Rights of Migrant Workers. It is a global event dedicated to International Migrants Day (December 18th), producing and broadcasting programmes from radios worldwide.
Migration /Gender - Wed Dec 12 2007
Migration, labour markets and the rescue industry
This groundbreaking book explodes several myths: that selling sex is completely different from any other kind of work; that migrants who sell sex are passive victims; and that the multitude of people out to save them are without self-interest.
Human Rights /Migration /Gender /Economy and Financial Affairs - Fri Nov 23 2007
Farah Karimi is Oxfam Novib’s new director
As general director Karimi will become Oxfam Novib’s new face in the Netherlands. She will represent the organisation internationally, in Oxfam International as well as with partner organisations in the South.
Health /Migration - Thu Nov 22 2007
New report on access to health care for undocumented migrants in Europe
Undocumented migrants in Europe face serious problems in receiving health care. The climate of repression in Europe and the existing link between immigration control policies and access to basic social services deterres them from exercising their entitlements and seeking health care.
Migration /Gender - Wed Nov 21 2007
Sri Lankan domestic workers face abuse
Human Rights Watch said the governments of Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates should do more to protect women from labor exploitation and violence when they migrate to the Middle East.
Education /Migration - Thu Sep 20 2007
New policy solutions for closing educational gaps for immigrant children
Three new studies present policymakers with ideas for how best to close achievement gaps between native-born students and immigrant students or the children of immigrants across European countries.
Education /Migration - Fri Aug 17 2007
International conference "the right to education in the context of migration and integration"
The main goal of the conference is to offer a forum for exchange of opinions and experiences about the challenges of migration processes in the field of education and concerning integration processes in the countries of immigration.
Migration - Tue Jul 10 2007
Global debate on migration, development and human rights should return to the UN
Trade unions and other civil society organizations supporting migrants' rights have criticized the direction of this week's meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Brussels.
Migration - Tue Mar 27 2007
International dialogue on migration
A seminar at the academic and technical levels was held with the co-sponsorship of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This seminar brought together between 25 experts including government officials, non-governmental representatives, researchers and technical experts working on migration and environmental issues.
Migration - Wed Jan 31 2007
Migrant workers in Malaysia face serious abuses
More than a million Indonesian migrant workers in neighboring Malaysia face serious abuses from beatings and rape to forced labor — the bulk of them women and children, said the top U.N. official on migrant rights.

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