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Migration - Tue Dec 14 2010
Access to health care: A fundamental right not respected in Europe
The HUMA network is publishing a first comparative inventory of the legislations in 10 European countries on access to health care for undocumented migrants and asylum seekers.
Migration - Sat Jan 02 2010
UN experts urge Thailand to stop immediately the expulsions of Hmong
Two independent experts of the UN Human Rights Council expressed their grave concern at reports of forcible return of large numbers of Hmong from Thailand to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
Migration - Thu Aug 28 2008
Updates on undocumented migrants in Europe
The last edition of PICUM's newsletter, released August 2008, focuses on news items and policy developments concerning the basic social rights of undocumented migrants in Europe. (PDF format).
Migration /Gender - Tue Aug 19 2008
Border thinking on migration, culture, economy and sex
Migrants are commonly seen as both unwanted intruders and powerless victims, but Laura Agustín own ideas work to break down this duality and think about power in different ways.
Human Rights /Migration - Tue Jul 15 2008
Relocation of Palestinian refugees to Sudan is not a lasting solution
Refugees International called on the U.S. government to urgently resettle 3,000 Palestinian refugees from the Syria-Iraqi border in response to announcements that the vulnerable population would be relocated to Sudan.
Human Rights /Migration - Tue Jul 01 2008
Migrants in the European Union
This newsletter focuses on news items and policy developments concerning the basic social rights of undocumented migrants in Europe and USA. (pdf)
Migration /Indigenous Peoples /Gender /African Descendants - Thu May 29 2008
Durban +5: Regional Conference for Latin America and Caribbean
Brazil will host the GRULAC Regional Conference in preparation for the Durban Review Conference from 17 to 19 June, 2008.
Migration /Indigenous Peoples /African Descendants - Wed May 28 2008
U.N. racism follow-up conference set for April 2009
Diplomats resolved their differences on the date, duration and venue of the Durban Review Conference at closed-door talks on Monday, the U.N. said in a statement issued overnight.
Migration /African Descendants - Tue Apr 15 2008
Will migrant workers pay the price of their exploitation?
Ahead of the Justice and Home Affairs European Union Council on 17-18 April, ENAR, PICUM, Solidar, and a number of other organisations remind EU Ministers of the crucial need to follow a human rights-based approach in taking forward the proposed EU Directive providing for sanctions against employers of irregular third country nationals.Pdf.
Human Rights /Migration - Wed Dec 19 2007
UN calls for protection of migrants' human rights
United Nations officials called on all countries to protect the human rights of the world’s 200 million migrants, regardless of their legal status, stressing that they provide vital services to the States where they live, yet often face abuse, discrimination and even violence in return.

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