News: Infancy and adolescence
Infancy and adolescence - Mon Nov 05 2007
Statement on child labour in GAP
Brand buyers have a responsibility to ensure that their sourcing and purchasing practices don’t encourage sweatshop abuses and child labour.
Social Development /Infancy and adolescence /Gender - Mon Dec 11 2006
Gender bias increases poverty
Inequality at home between men and women leads to poorer health for the children and greater poverty for the family. Eliminating gender discrimination and empowering women will have a profound and positive impact on the survival and well-being of children, according to a new UNICEF report.
Infancy and adolescence /World Peace and Security - Wed Mar 30 2005
A road to hell, paved with good intentions?
Walking in the eerie darkness engulfing Noah's Ark, a centre that children in northern Uganda escape to for fear of being kidnapped by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army, it is easy to see why so many in the region are eager for peace.
Infancy and adolescence - Fri Feb 25 2005
World Day against Child Labour 2005
The plight of children who work in mines and quarries that are often dangerous, dirty and can post a grave risk to their health and safety will be the focus of the fourth World Day Against Child Labour, scheduled for 12 June 2005.
Infancy and adolescence /World Peace and Security - Tue Feb 15 2005
Ugandan army recruiting children
Hundreds of former child soldiers abducted by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army are returning to the battlefield to fight for the Ugandan army.
Infancy and adolescence - Wed Jan 19 2005
Sri Lanka: child tsunami victims recruited by Tamil Tigers
Human Rights Watch said that the Tamil Tigers, who were already recruiting large numbers of child soldiers, now may seek to replace forces lost to the tsunami with child recruits.
Infancy and adolescence - Thu Dec 16 2004
The State of the World's Children 2005
Despite the near universal embrace of standards for protecting childhood, a new UNICEF report shows that more than half the world's children are suffering extreme deprivations from poverty, war and HIV/AIDS.
Infancy and adolescence - Mon Nov 15 2004
19 November: World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse
The World Day is a process for the emergence of a culture of prevention and for the promotion of responsibility, dignity and respect for the rights of the child.
Social Development /Infancy and adolescence - Thu Jul 15 2004
Human Development Report 2004
Accommodating people’s growing demands for their inclusion in society, for respect of their ethnicity, religion and language, takes more than democracy and equitable growth. Also needed are multicultural policies that recognize differences that recognize differences, champion diversity and promote cultural freedoms, so that all people can choose to speak their language, practice their religion, and participate in shaping their culture—so that all people can choose to be who they are.
Infancy and adolescence - Thu May 13 2004
Children rights at the Commission on Human Rights
This site includes several reports and relevant information related to the rights of the child and the UN Commission on Human Rights that took place from 15 March - 23 April 2004 in Geneva.

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