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The World Bank reboots - Sweeping investment lending reforms in the works  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)
Sierra Leone Farmers Evicted for Sugarcane Biofuel Plantations  (Corp Watch)
Bringing Human Rights to bear in times of crisis: A Human Rights analysis of government responses to the economic crisis  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)
Raytheon Video Claims Riot Software Can Track Users Via Social Networks  (Corp Watch)
Chevron Sues Its Own Shareholders In Ecuador Compensation Battle  (Corp Watch)
Morgan Stanley Knew About  (Corp Watch)
Nestl  (Corp Watch)
BP Goes on Trial for Deepwater Horizon Explosion  (Corp Watch)
Sweet Nothing: UK Food Giant Avoids Taxes on Zambia Sugar  (Corp Watch)
The reconfiguration of the world scenario: the G-24's voice and the G-20's silence  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)
IMF still prescribing pro-cyclical policies  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)
Tar Sands Activist Interrupts Texas Oil & Gas Conference  (Corp Watch)
Capita Bungles Deportation of Irregular Migrants in UK  (Corp Watch)
Medical Trial Data Activists Score Win Over Glaxo  (Corp Watch)
Wall Street Giants  (Corp Watch)
U.S. Prosecutors Build Case Against Steve Cohen, Hedge Fund Billionaire  (Corp Watch)
Construction Company Bribery Scandal Threatens Spanish Ruling Party  (Corp Watch)
Fifteen years is enough  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)
Bottom lines, better lives? Rethinking multilateral financing to the private sector in developing countries  (IFIs Latin American Monitor)

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The Doha Non-governmental organization Group on Financing for Development (DNG) is an international coalition of civil society organizations serving as the NGO facilitating body to the official UN Financing for Development (FfD) process and engaged in the monitoring of the various agenda items of the Monterrey Consensus.
It is an open access journal and all articles published are available online without restriction to researchers in the public and private sectors, government agencies, educators and the general public. The journal also provides a medium for documentation and archiving of research articles. AJPSIR papers are exposed to the widest possible readership.
INSouth embodies an understanding, from a South perspective, of the new and emerging issues in the international arena, and the challenges and opportunities they pose for the South.
In 2005, a group of scholars and activists, mostly from the global South, created the Copy/South Research Group to analyse, criticise, and confront the oppressive nature of current global copyright regimes, such as those defended by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and similar ones around the globe.
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