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International NGOs and Networks
Alliance 21
Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world", aimed at building another kind of globalization.
Alliance Sud
Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations is the common platform for development policy lobbying by the six leading Swiss development organisations.
Asia Pacific Research Network - APRN
It is a network of leading research NGOs in the region with the main purpose of exchanging information on international issues, as well as experiences, technologies, and methods in research.
Consumer Project on Technology (CPTech)
The Consumer Project on Technology was started by Ralph Nader in 1995. Currently CPTech is focusing on intellectual property rights and health care, electronic commerce and competition policy.
Convergence of Movements of the Peoples of the Americas (COMPA)
COMPA is a broad-based, autonomous movement which spans the Americas. Through COMPA, women and men from different organized sectors struggle together to construct alternatives to neoliberal globalization, towards a new society.
Geneva Peoples Alliance
Coalition of NGOs, unions and social movements that are calling on social movements and civil society organisations to be present during the General Council meetings in Geneva to hold WTO members accountable.
Intellectual Property Watch
Non-profit independent news service, reports on the interests and behind-the-scenes dynamics that influence the design and implementation of international intellectual property policies.
International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net)
ESCR-Net is an emerging coalition of organizations and activists from around the world dedicated to advancing economic, social and cultural rights. This website contains four interactive, searchable databases (or directories) of organizations and individuals, project and activities, regional and domestic case law, and events.
New Rules for Global Finance Coalition
It is a coalition of development, human rights, labor, environmental, and religious organizations and scholars dedicated to the reform of the global financial architecture in order to stabilize the world economy, reduce poverty and inequality, uphold fundamental rights, and protect the environment.
OECD Watch
OECD Watch is an international network of NGO's promoting corporate accountability. Its purpose is to inform the wider NGO community about policies and activities of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Investment Committee and to test the effectiveness of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
Open Democracy
An online global magazine of politics and culture, dedicated to opening up a democratic free-thinking space for the world.
Real world radio
Real World Radio (RWR) is a multilingual radio on the web, functioning in the auspices of the communication area of the environmentalist group Friends of the Earth International (FoEI).
Reform the UN
It is a project dedicated to bringing about a just world order through a strengthened an more democratized United Nations. This web site provides updated information not only on the member states’ positions, but also on the positions of parliamentarians and civil society.
Structural Adjustment Participatory Review International (SAPRIN)
SAPRIN is a global network established to expand and legitimize the role of civil society in economic policymaking and to strengthen the organized challenge to structural adjustment programs by citizens around the globe.
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN)
A project of the Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, DC) and the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), SEEN works in partnership with citizens groups nationally and globally on environment, human rights and development issues with a particular focus on energy, climate change, environmental justice, and economic issues, particularly as these play out in North/South relations.
The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL)
Organization dedicated to deepening and strengthening Canada's relations with countries in Latin America and the Caribbean through policy discussion and analysis. Canada.
The International Working Group on Gender, Macroeconomics and International Economics GEM-IWG
This international network of economists has the purpose of promoting research, teaching, policy making and advocacy on gender-equitable approaches to macroeconomics, international economics and globalization.
Workgroup on a Solidarity Socio-Economy - WSSE
Global network of debate among grassroots actors, researchers and committed people who collectively generate and promote proposals and strategies for socio-economic transformation.
World Civil Society Forum
The WCSF aims to strengthen cooperation between NGOs and the UN system in policy making and policy implementation.
World Federalist Movement
It is an international citizen's movement working for justice, peace, and sustainable prosperity. They call for an end to the rule of force, through a world governed by law, based on strengthened and democratized world institutions.
World Forum for Alternatives
International action network researching alternatives to the dominant world order. This website is an inventory of worldwide social movements and endeavours to be a tool in the globalisation of resistance and its struggles.
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International and Regional Organizations
Information Resources
International and Regional Organizations
Information Resources

   Economy and Financial Affairs
   Trade and Regional Integration
   World Peace and Security

The Doha Non-governmental organization Group on Financing for Development (DNG) is an international coalition of civil society organizations serving as the NGO facilitating body to the official UN Financing for Development (FfD) process and engaged in the monitoring of the various agenda items of the Monterrey Consensus.
It is an open access journal and all articles published are available online without restriction to researchers in the public and private sectors, government agencies, educators and the general public. The journal also provides a medium for documentation and archiving of research articles. AJPSIR papers are exposed to the widest possible readership.
INSouth embodies an understanding, from a South perspective, of the new and emerging issues in the international arena, and the challenges and opportunities they pose for the South.
In 2005, a group of scholars and activists, mostly from the global South, created the Copy/South Research Group to analyse, criticise, and confront the oppressive nature of current global copyright regimes, such as those defended by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and similar ones around the globe.

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Selected news
Developing countries very vulnerable to global economic crisis, UN role is vital: South Centre speech at UN
Mon Jul 23 2012 - Source: Third World Network
The world economy is as fragile today as in 2009. Developing countries are very vulnerable to a slowdown caused by the Eurozone crisis. There has been no global reforms and the G20 is ineffective. Thus the role of the UN on global economic issues is vital. These are highlights of the speech by the South Centre’s Chief Economist at the UN General Assembly High Level Thematic Debate on the State of the Global Economy in New York on 18 May.
World economy in vicious cycle hindering transition, warns BIS
Thu Jul 12 2012 - Source: Third World Network
Five years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the global economy is caught in a vicious cycle in which adjustment efforts of governments, households, business and financial sectors are worsening prospects for each other, and the path for balanced self-sustaining growth remains a difficult, and unfinished task, warns the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in its annual report, released Sunday.
What now for European monetary union?
Thu Jul 12 2012 - Source: Third World Network
The Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has joined a growing chorus of global institutions and leaders calling on the eurozone countries to quickly act to bring about more financial and fiscal integration, and strengthen the institutional foundations of the currency union itself.
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