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Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Dec 03 2009
WTO: Cause not Solution to the Crisis!!
The financial crisis should be recognized as a very clear example of how the free trade and free market theory has failed, why the WTO should turn around away from this neo-liberal model and allow for all services and trade to be at the service of people and the planet, not of corporate profits. By Myriam vander Stichele.
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Dec 03 2009
Ministers show 'political energy' for ending Doha Round
WTO ministers ended their two-and-a-half-day Geneva conference on 2 December 2009 having declared that they want to try to conclude the Doha Round talks quickly and agreeing to extend “moratoriums” on electronic commerce and intellectual property.
Trade and Regional Integration - Tue Dec 01 2009
Rejection to the WTO and its allies in Geneva
Tens of demonstrators of several regions of the world participated on Monday in the “Tour for the Financial Criminal Corporations” in Geneva in the parallel activities to the 7th Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Trade and Regional Integration - Mon Nov 30 2009
WTO Ministerial must support decent work and development
A 60-strong trade union delegation at the WTO Ministerial meeting in Geneva will press for WTO rules and negotiations to promote sustained and decent employment growth.
Trade and Regional Integration - Mon Nov 30 2009
Geneva mobilisation: where is the real violence?
Via Campesina was present with an important delegation at the protest of Saturday 28 November against the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Trade and Regional Integration - Wed Nov 18 2009
To grab, or to invest
The World Food Security Summit in Rome this week opened up a dispute between what may be investment in farmland to some, but is seen as land grab by others.
Social Development /Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Oct 22 2009
FAO: A food battle won
In late 2007 a dramatic hike in food prices throughout the world had revealed the imperative necessity of revisiting the rules of the global food game. Now, almost two years later, FAO’s 191 member governments had just adopted, by acclamation, a proposed reform of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS).
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Oct 08 2009
Historic WTO ruling on Brazil-US cotton
The WTO has issued an arbitration report in a dispute between the United States and Brazil over US cotton subsidies, giving Brazil the right to use trade countermeasures against the US, and in certain circumstances to suspend intellectual property obligations.
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Sep 24 2009
G20 Pittsburgh: rally on "The Hill"
Crowded into Monumental Baptist Church, several hundred youth, community folk and activists spent three hours with Nobel Prize winner Joe Stiglitz and others just as the G20 Summit began in the city of Pittsburgh.
Human Rights /Trade and Regional Integration - Fri Mar 06 2009
Add human rights to FTA talks: EU
A draft report prepared by Members of the European Parliament could potentially derail negotiations between India and the European Union on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement involving duty-free trade of goods, services and investment.

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