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Trade and Regional Integration /Economy and Financial Affairs - Thu Jul 12 2012
What now for European monetary union?
The Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has joined a growing chorus of global institutions and leaders calling on the eurozone countries to quickly act to bring about more financial and fiscal integration, and strengthen the institutional foundations of the currency union itself.
Trade and Regional Integration - Wed Nov 17 2010
U.S. and EU subsidies still out of bounds
The United States’ policy to double agricultural exports shows that its government "has learnt nothing" from the last food crisis, a problem reflected in the dramatic increase in that country’s trade-distorting farm subsidies between 2007 and 2008.
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Oct 21 2010
The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru
The FTAs being pursued by the EU with Colombia and Peru threaten to exacerbate human rights abuses - which include killings of trade unionists, forced expropriations of inginous people from land, and environmental destruction - for sake of corporate profit.
Trade and Regional Integration - Fri Aug 06 2010
"Widespread schizophrenia" in Doha Round
There is clearly a "widespread schizophrenia" among Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the issue of "ambition" in the context of the Doha Round of trade negotiations, outgoing Ambassador Ujal Singh Bhatia of India told a meeting of the General Council Thursday.
Trade and Regional Integration - Wed Aug 04 2010
Towards an International Tribunal on Economic Crimes
During the last 6 years, social movements and organisations from Latin America and Europe, connected through the Europe-Latin America bi-regional network Enlazando Alternativas, have repeatedly exposed how voluntary codes of conduct, which form part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, have failed to tackle human rights and environmental abuses of Transnational Corporations (TNCs).
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Jun 10 2010
Africa-EU: Activists warn over EPAs deal
Over 15 fair trade lobby organisations have warned the East African Community leaders against signing the Framework Economic Partnerships Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union.
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu May 20 2010
Poor countries should have a seat at G20 table
The global economic crisis highlighted the necessity of transforming global economic governance. But least developed countries (LDCs) have little voice in this process. It is time they are allowed a seat at the meetings of the Group of 20 industrialised and emerging economies.
Trade and Regional Integration - Wed Apr 14 2010
Farmers on fringe of international agriculture policy?
How's this for short-sighted: A billion people go hungry every day, food prices have climbed 30 to 40 percent, climate change is reducing agricultural production - and for the past two decades, the world has slashed investments in publicly-funded agriculture until it is a pittance in most countries.
Gender /Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Dec 03 2009
International Gender and Trade Network (IGTN) at the WTO Ministerial in Geneva: Beyond Accra Declaration
The declaration contains specific gender aspects of the advocacy against trade liberalization as a development strategy.
Trade and Regional Integration - Thu Dec 03 2009
Abandon the Damaging WTO Model - Address the Crises!

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