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In-depth this week: Agriculture and food sovereignty
The Government of Ghana anounced that it's studying tariff and non-tariff measures to restrict the importation of poultry products, after local analysts warned that those purchases are harming the national economy. "Imported chicken is being sold at below the cost of local chicken, and farmers in Ghana cannot simply compete, resulting in the collapse of dozens of farms and the loss of hundreds of jobs," said Yaw Graham, expert of the Third World Network-Africa (TWN-A), focal point of Social Watch.
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In-depth this week: Free Trade Agreements - FTAs
The financial and economic crisis has revealed the fundamental problems of the free trade paradigm: free trade can lead to huge trade surpluses and deficits among countries with unequal trade capacity and unequal trade, economic and social policies. These trade imbalances and resulting current account deficits were first blamed to have contributed to the crisis and are now considered to be an obstacle to recovery of those countries with a trade deficit, such as the US, and create foreign exchange problems for some countries face.
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In-depth this week: Patents and medicines
The 18 to 23 July International AIDS Conference held in Vienna this year, subtitled ‘Rights Here, Right Now’ was a platform to raise, yet again, the values-based universal and indivisible human rights and the political commitments that inform our response, globally, to the unacceptable level of new HIV infection and mortality from AIDS. At the same time the shrinking provision of aid to low income countries and persistence of avoidable inequities globally in the progressive realisation of these rights starkly raises the reality of the competition between social rights to health, and private rights to intellectual property.
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Selected news
What now for European monetary union?
Thu Jul 12 2012 - Source: Third World Network
The Basel-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has joined a growing chorus of global institutions and leaders calling on the eurozone countries to quickly act to bring about more financial and fiscal integration, and strengthen the institutional foundations of the currency union itself.
U.S. and EU subsidies still out of bounds
Wed Nov 17 2010 - Source: IPS
The United States’ policy to double agricultural exports shows that its government "has learnt nothing" from the last food crisis, a problem reflected in the dramatic increase in that country’s trade-distorting farm subsidies between 2007 and 2008.
The Second Conquest: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru
Thu Oct 21 2010 - Source: Transnational Institute
The FTAs being pursued by the EU with Colombia and Peru threaten to exacerbate human rights abuses - which include killings of trade unionists, forced expropriations of inginous people from land, and environmental destruction - for sake of corporate profit.

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