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World Peace and Security - Thu Nov 04 2010
Sexual violence is not "collateral damage"
On the tenth anniversary of a groundbreaking U.N. resolution, a conference on "Women and War" opened here Wednesday to discuss the disproportionate impact violent conflict has on women and possible ways to prevent these atrocities.
World Peace and Security - Thu Aug 05 2010
Laos Takes Centre Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty
After being relegated to the shadows for decades by its more powerful neighbours, Laos is finally taking the lead role in a global campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs.
World Peace and Security - Mon May 31 2010
International solidarity and the Freedom Flotilla massacre
Israel had been openly threatening a violent attack on the Flotilla for days, but complacency, complicity and inaction, specifically from Western and Arab governments once more sent the message that Israel could act with total impunity.
Human Rights /World Peace and Security - Tue May 11 2010
Palestinian-israeli human rights defender arrested
Makhoul, a human rights defender and General Director of Ittijah – The Union of Arab Community-Based Associations, was arrested by the Israeli Security Agency who raided his familiy home and barred him from leaving Israel. Take action against this arbitrary detention.
World Peace and Security - Tue Apr 06 2010
Obama expands military involvement in Africa
After one year in office, it is clear that the Obama administration is following essentially the same policy that has guided U.S. military policy toward Africa for more than a decade. Indeed, the Obama administration is seeking to expand U.S. military activities on the continent even further.
World Peace and Security - Tue Feb 23 2010
US airstrike kills Afghan civilians
A US air strike killed dozens of civilians in Afghanistan’s central Uruzgan Province Sunday, while to the south a US ground offensive in the Helmand Province town of Marjah ground through its second week, producing growing casualties and the threat of a humanitarian disaster.
World Peace and Security - Fri Feb 19 2010
Haiti: Private contractors 'like vultures coming to grab the loot'
Critics are concerned that private military contractors are positioning themselves at the centre of an emerging "shock doctrine" for earthquake-ravaged Haiti.
World Peace and Security - Thu Feb 18 2010
Ban on deadly weapons ratified, enters into force in six months
the United Nations, Member States, and civil society organizations celebrate the 30th ratification of the Convention on Cluster Munitions.
World Peace and Security /Natural Resources - Thu Jan 28 2010
New report urges UN to learn lessons on resource-fuelled wars
The lack of a coherent and committed international approach to tackling the role of natural resources in conflict is costing lives and heightening the risk of further unrest in Africa, according to a new report from Global Witness.
World Peace and Security /Economy and Financial Affairs - Tue Jan 26 2010
To the governments and organizations gathered in Montreal on the situation in Haiti
A large group of organizations reject the militarization of Haiti, calling on governments and international organizations to immediately and unconditionally cancel the country’s external debt.

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