World Peace and Security

A Palestinian not-for-profit organization established with the aim of strengthening, encouraging and improving the Palestinian community through working with children, families, youth, and the non-governmental organization community.
The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) is India's national network of over 200 organisations, including grassroots groups, mass movements and advocacy organisations, as well as individuals. Formed in November 2000, CNDP demands that India and Pakistan roll back their nuclear weapons programmes.
Palestinian community-based organization that aims to provide a resource pool of alternative, critical and progressive information and analysis on the question of Palestinian refugees.
NGO sites
African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)
ACCORD works throughout Africa to bring appropriate African solutions to the challenges posed by conflict on the continent.
Alliances for Africa (AFA)
AFA is an African non-governmental peace, human rights and development organisation.
Alternative Information Center (AIC)
AIC is a Palestinian-Israeli organization which disseminates information, research and political analysis on Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while promoting cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis based on the values of social justice, solidarity and community involvement.
Andean Information Network
Organization dedicated to the investigation, analysis, and education on issues involving North-South relations and global justice. Bolivia.
Bat Shalom
Bat Shalom is a feminist peace organization of Israeli women. They work toward a just peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the recognition of a Palestinian state and Jerusalem as the capital of both.
Centre for Conflict Resolution
Independent institute which seeks to contribute towards a just peace in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa by promoting constructive, creative and co-operative approaches to the resolution of conflict and the reduction of violence.
Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)
CSVR is a multi-disciplinary South African organisation. Since its inception the CSVR has been dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to peaceful and fundamental transformation in South Africa, and in the Southern African region.
Children in Organized Armed Violence (COAV)
The main objectives of the COAV Project are to identify cases where children are involved in armed groups in countries that are not at war, produce and disseminate information on the problem, educate the international community on the problem, and share best practices and solutions.
Courage to Refuse - Ohmets Le-sarev
A group of reserve combat officers and soldiers who's initial refusal declaration in January 2002 generated widespread controversy throughout Israel and re-energized the peace movement.
International Institute for Disaster Risk Management
IDRM identifies and responds to emerging issues in the Asia Pacific region: development for emergency managers; local and community level disaster risk management; conflict management in Asia Pacific; management of risks due to climate change and extreme climate events.
International Solidarity Movement - ISM
Palestinian-led movement working to raise awareness of the struggle for Palestinian freedom and an end to Israeli occupation.
Iraq Action Coalition
Activists' resource center for groups and activists who are working to end the war against the people of Iraq.
Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI)
IPCRI is a joint Palestinian-Israeli public policy think-tank. It is devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. IPCRI deals with the cardinal issues in the Israeli-Arab conflict - issues where the two sides find themselves at loggerheads, and where cooperation is necessary.
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)
A group originally established to oppose and resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories. As a direct-action group, ICAHD is comprised of members of many Israeli peace and human rights organizations.
Mama Coca
The initiative was born in response to the growing militarization and environmental destruction of the Andean Region as of the focus given to the Plan Colombia.
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Gaza: stop the bloodshed

Selected news
Sexual violence is not "collateral damage"
Thu Nov 04 2010 - Source: IPS
On the tenth anniversary of a groundbreaking U.N. resolution, a conference on "Women and War" opened here Wednesday to discuss the disproportionate impact violent conflict has on women and possible ways to prevent these atrocities.
Laos Takes Centre Stage in Cluster Bombs Treaty
Thu Aug 05 2010 - Source: IPS
After being relegated to the shadows for decades by its more powerful neighbours, Laos is finally taking the lead role in a global campaign to ban the use of cluster bombs.
International solidarity and the Freedom Flotilla massacre
Mon May 31 2010 - Source: Electronic Intifada
Israel had been openly threatening a violent attack on the Flotilla for days, but complacency, complicity and inaction, specifically from Western and Arab governments once more sent the message that Israel could act with total impunity.

Oil fueling conflicts - Wed Aug 04 2010
Throughout the continent, ‘oil has correlated with imperial subjugation, local authoritarianism and flagrant human rights abuses’. Citing examples of the devastating consequences a growing global hunger for energy has had for communities and ecosytems in oil-bearing regions, Oilwatch Africa calls for the world to start weaning itself from its ‘addiction to oil’ by ‘investing more in renewable energy, energy efficiency, better public transportation and small decentralised energy projects.’
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