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Environment - Fri Dec 03 2010
Expect little from Cancun talks
A year after the chaotic Copenhagen summit, another climate conference begins in Cancun today. But, expectations are low on what it can achieve. One year after the Copenhagen conference that ended in chaos, it’s Mexico’s turn to host this year’s big international climate gathering.
Environment - Fri Nov 26 2010
Hope and pessimism converge in Cancún
On Nov. 29, the 190-member Conference of Parties (COP) will flock to the Moon Palace Hotel, an all-inclusive luxury coastal resort in Cancún, Mexico, to discuss governments' progress on climate change. The 16th COP session comes barely a year after the 2009 December meeting in Copenhagen, now widely considered a massive diplomatic failure.
Environment - Tue Oct 12 2010
Kyoto Protocol’s future still uncertain
The working group of the Kyoto Protocol closed on Saturday (9 October) in Tianjin, China with the Protocol’s future still hanging by a thread.
Environment - Mon Oct 04 2010
Key issues in the UNFCCC's Tianjin climate session
The United Nations climate negotiations resume in Tianjin, China on 4-9 October, 2010, with a continuation of the two tracks in the two working groups on Long-term Cooperative Action under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (LCA) and the Kyoto Protocol (KP). The Tianjin meeting is the final meeting before the annual climate conference in Cancun, Mexico in late November.
Environment - Tue Sep 21 2010
Call-out Invitation to participate in the open and independent Climate Dialogue space in Cancun/COP16
From November 29 to December 10, 2010, the 16th U.N. Conference of the Parties (COP16) on Climate Change will be in Cancun, Mexico. Many networks, organizations and movements in Mexico and Latin America, are organizing an open and inclusive, alternative and independent space, the “Climate dialogue".
Environment - Thu Sep 16 2010
La Via Campesina denounces Gates Foundation purchase of Monsanto Company shares
“The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust’s purchase of Monsanto shares indicates that the Gates Foundation’s interest in promoting the company’s seed is less about philanthropy than about profit-making. The Foundation is helping to open new markets for Monsanto, which is already the largest seed company in the world.”
Environment - Tue Sep 07 2010
South still battling to stop north’s biopiracy
United Nations declared 2010 the Year of Biodiversity. But 17 years after the Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the issue of biopiracy is still pitching North against South.
Environment - Fri Sep 03 2010
Urgent need for Climate Fund
The worsening plight of Pakistan in coping with horrendous floods highlights the urgent need to set up a proper system of assisting and financing developing countries especially in the aftermath of natural disasters.
Environment - Thu Sep 02 2010
Thousands of Cancuns for climate justice!
La Via Campesina invites people's movements to mobilize around the world: "It is now time for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to embark on resolute policies to contribute to solve the climate chaos. Countries need to take strong and binding commitments to radically cut gas emissions and radically change their mode of production and consumption".
Environment - Mon Aug 30 2010
How FAO helps greenwash the timber industry’s greenhouse gas emissions
Faced with greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the production chain, the timber industry has a choice. It could look at reducing emissions. Or it could attempt to greenwash its operations, in effect attempting to evade responsibility. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its record, the industry is opting for the latter.

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