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Natural Resources - Fri Mar 20 2009
Women for Water Partnership very active at WWF5
Women for Water Partnership is an international network of women’s organisations in South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and West- and Eastern Europe who contribute to poverty reduction with their know-how and experience. They were involved in the programme as convenors of sessions, panellists, presenters and contributors to discussions.
Natural Resources - Mon Mar 16 2009
World forests rapidly disappearing
In a reaction to the alarming data released in the 2009 State of the World’s Forests report by FAO, Friends of the Earth International and the Global Forest Coalition called on world governments to take immediate action to halt deforestation and forest degradation.
Natural Resources - Thu Mar 12 2009
Big dams: a flood of risk, says International Rivers Network
"Expect increased global warming, earthquakes, poverty, and debt if world leaders push big dams at the Fifth World Water Forum" says the International Rivers Network.
Natural Resources - Wed Jan 21 2009
Ecuador: mining protests growing
Nation-wide protests over large scale metal mining called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) demonstrated growing, broad-based participation.
Sustainable Development /Natural Resources - Tue Dec 16 2008
Rich nations to blame for climate inaction and rejection of rights
After two weeks of negotiations, United Nations climate talks are closing with rich industrialized countries squarely to blame for failing to live up to their obligations says Friends of the Earth International.
Natural Resources - Mon Sep 29 2008
Women create food and jobs in Argentine wetlands
Tierramérica explored the effort behind preparing artisanal dishes made from a declining catch of fish, an effort towards sustainability taken up by the women of river communities in northeast Argentina.
Natural Resources - Fri Sep 19 2008
International day against monoculture tree plantations
NGOs, indigenous peoples' organisations and social movements all over the world will commemorate the International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations on 21 September by organizing actions, demonstrations, marches and sending out joint letters to express their concerns.
Natural Resources - Fri Aug 22 2008
Behind world food crisis is a world water crisis
World water crisis is a key factor behind current global anxieties over faltering food supplies and rising food costs said representatives of civil society at the opening session of World Water Week in Stockholm.
Human Rights /Natural Resources - Thu Aug 14 2008
Coca-Cola plant shut down in India
A community-led campaign had demanded the closure of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Sinhachawar in India because of indiscriminate pollution by the bottling plant as well as illegal occupation of land.
Natural Resources - Tue Jul 29 2008
People’s tribunal on European multinational companies and neoliberal policies
A People's Tribunal held in Lima in May 2008 examines the record of 21 multinational companies’ work in Latin America revealing systematic violation of human rights and destruction of the environment.

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