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Natural Resources - Mon Mar 22 2010
Reclaiming public water 10 years after the 'Water War'
The Reclaiming Public Water Network held its first global strategy seminar since the network was launched in 2005. See the video debate amongst global social movement leaders as they assess progress and challenges in the dynamic international movement to reclaim public water.
Sustainable Development /Natural Resources - Fri Mar 19 2010
World people's conference on climate change takes place in Bolivia
An alternative “people’s conference” on climate change in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba in April will seek to advance an international global warming referendum.
Natural Resources - Thu Mar 11 2010
People left without water around Coca-Cola Plant in India
The Coca-Cola company has continued to operate its bottling plant in Kala Dera in Jaipur, India even as the area has been declared a drought area last summer and the groundwater levels are falling sharply.
World Peace and Security /Natural Resources - Thu Jan 28 2010
New report urges UN to learn lessons on resource-fuelled wars
The lack of a coherent and committed international approach to tackling the role of natural resources in conflict is costing lives and heightening the risk of further unrest in Africa, according to a new report from Global Witness.
Natural Resources - Tue Dec 15 2009
Gender text prevails in climate change negotiations
In the first full drafting round, over 40 references to women and gender issues made it into the “focus document” at the start of negotiations; then the references dropped to 30+, then 23, then 8, then 3.
Natural Resources - Fri Dec 11 2009
Industrialized countries are killing the Kyoto Protocol
Will we get a new period of commitment of the Kyoto Protocol or will we get a new weak agreement? Lim Li Lin, researcher of the Third World Network answers this and other questions in an interview at the Copenhagen climate conference.
Natural Resources - Fri Nov 13 2009
Oil palm monocultures will never be sustainable
From 2nd to 4th November, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will hold its Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A number of organisations launched an Open letter against certification of palm oil produced by companies which are directly responsible for violating the rights of local communities.
Natural Resources - Wed Oct 28 2009
Forests much more than carbon storage
The world's forests and jungles are much more than carbon storage sites and compensation for greenhouse emissions, experts and activists point out to governments that are negotiating a new global climate change treaty.
Natural Resources - Mon Mar 23 2009
Troubled waters hard to bridge
The 5th World Water Forum (WWF) held in Istanbul ended Sunday with wide- ranging differences among governments and groups with an interest in water. A counter declaration recognising access to water as a human right was signed by several country delegations including Bolivia, Uruguay, Spain, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba and Chile among others.
Natural Resources - Fri Mar 20 2009
Turkey deports anti-dam activists at WWF5
International Rivers staff Ann-Kathrin Schneider and Payal Parekh were arrested and deported on the first day of the World Water Forum, after holding up a banner at the opening ceremony.

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