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Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Mon Feb 10 2003
Deflowering Ecuador
Valentine's Day is coming, meaning that millions of Americans will be buying tens of millions of roses this week. Many of those roses will come from Ecuador's Cayambe Valley, where the flower industry is booming. Unfortunately, the greenhouse workers are paying the price.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Thu Feb 06 2003
Colombian herbicide spraying under attack
The Colombian government is continuing to spray the herbicide glyphosate over thousands of acres of land in a bid to destroy illegal coca plantations, despite local concern that it damages crops and is harmful to human health.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Sustainable Development - Mon Oct 21 2002
New critical report on the need for corporate accountability in South Africa
The report stated that south african government had consistently failed to use the law, licences or sanctions to hold accountable corporate companies implicated in damaging the environment.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Tue Oct 08 2002
Cleansing the country
India is part of a global exercise to tackle Persistent Toxic Substances. As part of a long process, the regional report on the status of these chemicals is now ready for final touches, and towards this end, a meeting in New Delhi brought together various stakeholders.
Health /Infancy and adolescence /Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Wed Oct 02 2002
Lead poisoning is not child's play
Children in Latin America can no longer play freely on the ground: industrial waste of heavy metals contaminate their bodies, stunting growth, causing deafness and even mental disabilities.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Natural Resources /Biodiversity - Wed Oct 02 2002
Organic agriculture fights back
Critics of organic agriculture claim that it is based more on ideology than on environmental or economic merit. Lim Li Ching reviews the evidence and turns the table on the critics.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Wed Aug 21 2002
Mexican Clean Air Drive Delivers Lessons in Politics
The capital of Mexico, whose air is one of the smoggiest in the world, is set to become the first city with its own climate action programme. By Talli Nauman.
Trade and Regional Integration /Economy and Financial Affairs /Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Mon Jul 22 2002
Bayer and the UN Global Compact
Bayer considers itself a "founding member" of the UN Global Compact, but its dedication to the Compact's nine human rights and environmental principles should be seen in the context of an extremely controversial corporate history.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Thu Jul 11 2002
Opposing PVC, Opposing IFC
Communities around a major industrial park in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu in South India -- already reeling from the impacts of pollution from the industrial park -- are fed up with business as usual and have stepped up their efforts to put a stop to the latest proposal for another polluting factory in the area.
World Peace and Security /Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Tue Jul 09 2002
A Coup in The Hague
Is Washington's unilateralist bent a threat to multinational organizations? Jose Bustani, ousted as director of the world's largest chemical weapons control group, certainly thinks so.

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