News: Toxic Chemicals and Waste
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Natural Resources - Tue Aug 30 2005
Glyphosate herbicide, the poison from the skies
Glyphosate herbicides are widely used in agriculture. Monsanto has developed a series of genetically engineered Roundup Ready crops which are not damaged by Roundup, no matter how much is sprayed on the crops. Those who are certainly damaged are local people and local environments.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Sustainable Development - Mon Jun 20 2005
Native community wins battle against uranium mining in Arizona, USA
Allied community groups have achieved a hard-won victory: a ban on uranium mining, milling, and processing on the vast Navajo lands in Arizona and New Mexico, USA. A nuclear industry, with the help of the US federal government, has exploited the uranium reservation since the 1940s spreading contamination into Navajo's lands and waters.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Thu Jun 02 2005
Gold mine sparks battle in Peru
The village of Choropampa in the Andean region of Perú, has become synonymous with the struggle between the foreign mining company Newmont and their Peruvian neighbours, many of whom argue they are negatively affected by the social and environmental impacts of mining.
Health /Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Sustainable Development - Fri May 06 2005
DDT will not disappear overnight
Although DDT is one of the 12 pollutants that the international community has agreed on eliminating as soon as possible, it is still widely used against the mosquitoes that transmit malaria, which kills over a million people around the world every year. The delegates to the 1st Conference of Parties to the Stockholm Convention urged the World Health Organization to search for alternative methods to fight the disease.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Mon May 02 2005
The legacy of agent orange
Thirty years have passed since the Vietnam War, but stil the catastrophic damage caused by the USA'S most notorious weapon: agent orange can be traced in the environment and the vietnamese people. The US refuses to admit any wrongdoing.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Sustainable Development - Thu Apr 28 2005
Curbing the world’s most dangerous pollutants
As part of a United Nations-backed effort to rid the planet of some of the worst pollutants tied to cancer, birth defects and immune system damage, 800 government officials and observers from 130 countries will gather 2-6 May in Uruguay for the first meeting of a treaty banning the world’s most dangerous pesticides and chemicals.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste /Sustainable Development - Fri Apr 15 2005
Some Chernobyl clouds will not clear
Almost 20 years have passed since the world's worst nuclear accident, but Chernobyl continues to bring back traumatizing memories for many Ukrainians. The disaster continues to account for deaths and illnesses, but this has not stopped a few determined residents from coming back to contaminated areas to reclaim their old everyday life.
Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Thu Dec 16 2004
Bhopal: persistent and tenacious struggle
2004 saw many victories for the survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy, giving them and their supporters more hope.
Health /Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Fri Nov 05 2004
Agent Orange victims sue Monsanto
Today in Vietnam, there are 150,000 children whose parents allege their birth defects are the result of exposure to Agent Orange during the war, or the consumption of dioxin-contaminated food and water since 1975.
Trade and Regional Integration /Toxic Chemicals and Waste - Tue Jan 13 2004
Corporate accountability and liability
Invitation to join some of the events taking place at the WSF on corporate accountability and liability.

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