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Biodiversity - Mon Jun 09 2008
UN CBD fails to protect forests from genetically engineered trees
Under heavy pressure from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand and Australia, the Convention on Biological Diversity's 9th Conference of the Parties failed to pass a moratorium on the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment.
Biodiversity - Thu Jun 05 2008
Green standards proposed for biofuel production
The adoption of international standards for the sustainable production of biofuels emerged as a controversial approach at the recent United Nations conference on biodiversity here.
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Closing statement of the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) at COP9
In a statement delivered on the final day of COP9, the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity requested that all Parties, delegates and agencies go beyond rhetoric and take action.
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The world torpedoes ocean fertilization
As the ninth meeting of the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) drew to a close in Bonn, Germany the world’s governments unanimously agreed a wide-ranging “de-facto moratorium” on ocean fertilization activities.
Biodiversity - Fri May 30 2008
GE tree dispute exposes biosafety inequities
An intense North-South debate over genetically engineered trees has sidetracked delegates at a U.N. conference on biodiversity here: African nations want a global moratorium, while a few rich countries led by Canada say it should be up to individual countries to regulate.
Biodiversity - Fri May 30 2008
A global moratorium on ocean fertilization?
Stalled at the eleventh hour by three isolated countries that are attempting to block consensus, most of the world’s environment ministries and others are on the brink of reaching agreement on a worldwide moratorium on commercial ocean fertilization – controversial proposals to dump nutrients in the ocean to artificially alter the climate.
Biodiversity - Fri May 30 2008
Biodiversity: The dollars and sense of conservation
The global biodiversity crisis that threatens life on Earth is driven by economic policies that fail to value nature, a new report commissioned by the European Union (EU) and the German government, finds.
Biodiversity - Thu May 29 2008
European parliament calls for 10% biofuel target to be scrapped
A key report from the European Parliament has called for the EU's 10% biofuel target to be scrapped, amidst growing evidence over the impact on wildlife, people and the world's food supplies. Campaigners from NGOs welcomed the proposals and urged the industry and environment committees to drop the target.
Biodiversity - Wed May 28 2008
Ministers with their magic wands?
After more than one week of CBD negotiations with little progress in crucial issues like forests, agrofuels, ABS, financing or protected areas, a lot of expectations are now drawn on the "High Level Segment" starting today.
Biodiversity - Wed May 28 2008
Monoculture: 97% of the species cultivated in the early 20th century no longer exists
A documentary on “The future of food” explores signs of the serious transformations of the agriculture world since the corporations turned food production into agribusiness.

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