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Economy and Financial Affairs /Water & Oceans - Thu Jul 17 2008
Indonesian NGOs consolidate advocacy strategy on ADB's Integrated Citarum Water Resource Management Project
On July 8-9, 2008, Indonesian NGOs held a two day workshop in Bandung, West Java on the ADB’s pipeline Integrated Citarum Water Resource Management (ICWRM) Project. The occasion marked the launch of the Peoples Alliance for Citarum (Aliansi Rakyat untuk Citarum-ARUM).
Water & Oceans - Mon Oct 29 2007
Towards the 5th World Water Forum
The International Steering Committee of the 5th World Water Forum and the Programme, Political Process and Communication Committees will hold their third series of meetings in Istanbul on 4-6 November 2007. This will also be the occasion to gather the thematic and regional coordinators for the first time in order to determine how to involve a wider constituency of organisations to represent contrasting perspectives.
Social Development /Water & Oceans /Natural Resources - Wed Jan 21 2004
Hunger takes centerstage
It is heartening to find the social movements and the civil society realizing the importance of the growing threat to food sovereignty as the main cause to rally around. By Devinder Sharma.
Economy and Financial Affairs /Water & Oceans - Fri Feb 14 2003
February 2003: corporation sues government over water at secret World Bank tribunal
The Bechtel Corporation was handed a powerful victory when a secretive trade court announced that it would not allow the public or media to participate in or even witness proceedings in which Bechtel is suing the people of Bolivia for $25 million.
Water & Oceans /Sustainable Development /Natural Resources - Tue Nov 12 2002
In-depth report: the water crisis
The biggest threat to universal access to clean water and adequate sanitation is not mother nature but corporate globalization. Privatization of water is aggressively exported to the developing world under the rubric of poverty reduction and debt relief strategies, free trade and economic development.
Water & Oceans - Tue Oct 15 2002
Thirsty for justice
Shown the folly of over-reliance on markets even in the world's richest country, the market fundamentalists at the World Bank are continuing their push for privatization of services -- with the provision of drinking water at the top of the list -- in the developing world.
Social Development /Water & Oceans /Natural Resources - Tue Oct 08 2002
Life flows again...
This is a story of a village and its people. The Pani Panchayats (water councils) of Maharashtra are now famous across India as a strong movement that has brought water to dry areas, created social change to make water a judiciously used resource.
Social Development /Water & Oceans - Tue Oct 01 2002
Waiting at the tap: deteriorating urban water supply in East Africa
A safe, clean, reliable water supply is the mantra of development agencies. But how reliable are water supply services for poor people in the developing world today? This study looks at the long-term trends in access to and use of water.
World Peace and Security /Water & Oceans - Tue Oct 01 2002
Heightened Israeli-Lebanese tensions over Jordan's headwaters
A new source of tension between Lebanon and Israel has brought to an abrupt end what had been a generally calm summer along the flashpoint border between the two countries.
Water & Oceans - Thu Sep 19 2002
Water tensions and water conflicts: merchandising water, the catalyst
Water tensions and water conflicts are increasing with the rapid conversion of water from a fundamental right and necessity for survival to a product of profit in the market.

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