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Rios Vivos (Live Rivers) supports not only issues related to the Prata River Basin but, also, acts and articulate in the Amazonian Basin in Brazilian and Bolivian territory. The Coalition has several members from Latin American countries and is a reference for civil society.
NGO sites
Association for Water And Rural Development (AWARD)
The mission of this non-profit company is to promote and support equitable and accessible community water services and resources in the Sand River Catchment. AWARD seeks to do this by adopting approaches that focus on sustainable integrated development for water-based livelihoods. The site provides a number of links and Word documents to download with information about reports and projects. South Africa.
Friends of Nylsvley
Organisation dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the Nyl River Floodplain, in South Africa's Northern Province. The Website describes the activities of Friends of Nylsvley and Nyl Floodplain, and provides a range of information on the area, including maps, photos, and links to other information on wetlands and wildlife conservation in general. South Africa.
Gender and Water Alliance
Beacuse of the pooled experience and skills contained in this network, the GWA offers a mix of information and knowledge.
Institute of Water and Sanitation Development
The Institute aims to assist in the achievement of sustainable development of water resources and waste management through the provision of support to development agencies in Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa region. The institute does that through training, research, advisory services and information dissemination.
Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering - AIDIS
AIDIS works with potable water and sanitation to improve the health of the inhabitants of The Americas.
International Water Management Institute
Nonprofit scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in agriculture and on the water needs of developing countries.
Malaysian Water Association (MWA)
MWA's mission is to promote synergy and enhance knowledge and good practices within the Malaysian water and wastewater industries.
National Community Water and Sanitation Training Institute - NCWSTI
The NCWSTI offers training, information and support to the water and sanitation sector. South Africa.
Nepal Water Conservation Foundation
The foundation's objectives are to ensure growth and dissemination of scientific knowledge for correct decision making and to promote sustainable development, management and protection of water. Nepal.
Nepal Water for Health - NEWAH
Committed to sustainable development of safe clean drinking water and sanitation for all people of Nepal.
Network for Water and Sanitation
NETWAS is a capacity building and information network for Africa focusing on water, sanitation and environment sector. Kenya.
Palestinian Hydrology Group
PHG protects and develops the water resources of Palestine, through community participation.
Philippine Center for Water and Sanitation
Public information, research, community organizing, advocacy and training for the awareness, appreciation, protection and conservation of Philippine water resources.
Regional Association on Irrigation and Drainage
Association established to meet the demands of irrigation and drainage professionals in West and Central Africa.
Rennies Wetlands Project
The project promotes the rehabilitation, wise use and sustainable management of South African wetlands. It also aims to influence political decisionmakers at a national and a provincial level, so that wetland management is included in policy making and macro planning.
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Selected news
Indonesian NGOs consolidate advocacy strategy on ADB's Integrated Citarum Water Resource Management Project
Thu Jul 17 2008 - Source: Bank Information Center
On July 8-9, 2008, Indonesian NGOs held a two day workshop in Bandung, West Java on the ADB’s pipeline Integrated Citarum Water Resource Management (ICWRM) Project. The occasion marked the launch of the Peoples Alliance for Citarum (Aliansi Rakyat untuk Citarum-ARUM).
Towards the 5th World Water Forum
Mon Oct 29 2007 - Source: Green Cross
The International Steering Committee of the 5th World Water Forum and the Programme, Political Process and Communication Committees will hold their third series of meetings in Istanbul on 4-6 November 2007. This will also be the occasion to gather the thematic and regional coordinators for the first time in order to determine how to involve a wider constituency of organisations to represent contrasting perspectives.
Hunger takes centerstage
Wed Jan 21 2004 - Source: New Standard News
It is heartening to find the social movements and the civil society realizing the importance of the growing threat to food sovereignty as the main cause to rally around. By Devinder Sharma.

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