News: Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development - Mon Oct 04 2010
The global water crisis should be a top priority issue
While climate change has captured the headlines, many countries are running out of freshwater supplies, threatening human health and causing conflicts between nations. Water should be at the top of the global and national agendas.
Sustainable Development - Thu Sep 16 2010
Declaration on the international day against monoculture tree plantations
To mark the international Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations, WRM once again denounces the devastating impacts of large-scale plantations of eucalyptus, pine, oil palm and other tree species.
Sustainable Development - Mon Jun 14 2010
Developing countries attack Chair’s new text at final session
Developing countries expressed deep dismay and sharp criticisms over a new draft text of a global climate deal presented on the final day of the Bonn climate talks by the Chair of the working group following up on the Bali Action Plan of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Sustainable Development - Tue May 25 2010
Community rights should be at the centre of resource use in Africa
Africa is fast becoming the Promised Land for emerging powers –as in the cases of Brazil, China and India- trying to outcompete the old colonial powers in the scramble for the riches of this continent. A meeting organized by the Liberian Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) addressed natural resource extraction and community rights.
Sustainable Development - Mon May 24 2010
The “green economy” debate unfolds in the UN
The first preparatory meeting (17-19 May) of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development saw lively debate and interactive exchanges between UN Member States, UN agencies and Major Groups on their understanding of what a “green economy” means in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.
Sustainable Development - Thu May 20 2010
Preparations for 2012 sustainable development conference kick off
Preparations began for a United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 to review the implementation progress and gaps of the historic outcomes of the 1992 "Rio de Janeiro Summit" on environment and development as well as other relevant UN meetings.
Sustainable Development - Tue Apr 27 2010
Coalition of climate communities launched in Bolivia
As 20,000 people from all parts of the world gathered in Bolivia to attend the People’s World Summit on Climate Change, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) launched a Coalition of Climate Communities in a side event during the summit.
Sustainable Development - Wed Apr 21 2010
Social movements for system change
The People's World Conference on Climate Change taking place in Bolivia opened with an assembly of social movements that highlighted the popular focus of the conference organized after the failure of governments and industries to negotiate a plan to stop climate change in Copenhagen last December.
Sustainable Development - Fri Apr 16 2010
Bolivian climate conference signals hope
In the wake of the failed UN Climate talks in Copenhagen and rich nations promoting the unwelcome 'Copenhagen Accord', the Bolivian government is convening the 'World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth' on April 19-22.
Sustainable Development - Tue Apr 06 2010
Bolivia charts a new climate course
Bolivia will use its forthcoming international climate conference to highlight the unfairness of current climate negotiations and address critical issues that affect countries from the South.

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