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Water & Oceans /Energy - Tue May 14 2002
World Bank Management Manipulated Data on Uganda Dam
In early June, the World Bank is expected to vote on a political risk guarantee for the Bujagali dam in Uganda. The Bank approved a package of loans and guarantees for the dam in December 2001, but this has proved insufficient to secure support from other funders. Analysis of internal documents by International Rivers Network shows that World Bank management manipulated data to gain Board approval for the project, which is sponsored by US-based AES Corporation.
Energy - Thu Apr 18 2002
Region's Giants Run Risk of Blackouts
Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela are the region's energy giants, but they could face electricity rationing if they do not implement sustainable options immediately. The sector requires huge investments, more rainfall for hydroelectric production and sustainable plans for the future.
Energy - Tue Apr 09 2002
Energization: a collaborative application in rural communities
For 250 years, the underdeveloped world has been a forgotten player in the global economy, saddled with few marketable reserves, large poor populations and great distances from established markets. It has been the paradigms and objectives of the industrialised world that have long driven global direction in terms of policy, technology development and environmental concern. This is no longer the case.
Energy - Tue Apr 09 2002
Energy Issues in Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa consumes 2.7% of world commercial energy. It has 2% of world proven oil reserves, 6% of world proven gas reserves and 6% of world proven coal reserves. There is a large hydropower potential, in excess of 1,100 TWh. Other energy resources include Uranium deposits and a consistently high level of solar insolation.

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