TERI promotes sustainability through the efficient utilization of energy, sustainable use of natural resources, large-scale adoption of renewable energy technologies, and reduction of all forms of waste. Issues addressed include rural energy problems in India's oil and gas sector, climate change, forest conservation efforts among local communities, urban transport, air pollution problems and energy efficiency in the Indian industry. India.
NGO sites
African Energy Policy Research Network (AFREPREN)
AFREPREN brings together African energy researchers and policy makers from Africa who have a long-term interest in energy research and the attendant policy-making process. AFREPREN has initiated policy research studies in 19 African countries.
Appropriate Technology Association
Its mission: to increase awareness on Energy and Environment as well as develop sustainable energy technology through strengthening capacity of NGOs in identifying, organizing and cooperation with end-users groups, governments, research institute and private sector in Thailand and South East Asia.
ENDA Energy
Enda Energy is a branch of the organisation Enda Tiers Monde. Its work focuses on energy use and management in the African context. The site includes information on energy, climate change and desertification. Senegal.
The Barefoot College
The College addresses problems of drinking water, income generation, electricity and power, as well as social awareness and the conservation of ecological systems in rural communities. The College encourages practical knowledge and skills rather than paper qualifications through a learning by doing process of education. India.
The Regional Network of Women and Energy in Africa
The mission of the Network is to empower women and to engender energy for sustainable development.
International and Regional Organizations
International NGOs and Networks
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Selected news
Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial
Fri Nov 03 2006 - Source: Guardian
Britain's leading scientists have challenged the US oil company ExxonMobil to stop funding groups that attempt to undermine the scientific consensus on climate change.
WB urged to stop funding oil and coal mining
Fri Dec 26 2003 - Source: EDIE
An independent review, commissioned by the World Bank (WB), has recommended that the Bank stop funding all coal and oil mining projects in the developing world, and increase investment in renewable energy.
Microhydel power generation
Mon Feb 03 2003 - Source:Aid India
In the recent past there has been an ever-increasing body of scientific evidence pointing to the harmful effects of large dams on the environment. The social problems associated with extensive dam networks such as the Narmada Valley Development Project are, to put it mildly, enormous. Instead, we must look for alternative means of energy which fit into the larger framework of sustainable development. Microhydel power generation is one such alternative.

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