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ICT Policies and e-Strategies in the Asia-Pacific: A critical assessment of the way forward  (Eldis)
FOREST GOVERNANCE 2.0: A Primer on ICTs and Governance  (Eldis)
Citizen-centricity for e-Governance initiatives in Rural Areas  (Eldis)
Challenges and Opportunities in e-Governance | eGov Magazine  (Eldis)
Open, Smart and Inclusive Development: ICT for transforming North Africa  (Eldis)
e-Governance at Grassroots Level in South Asia: A Study of Citizen-centric e-Panchayats in India  (Eldis)
Increasing Healthcare Delivery by 270% to Underserved Communities Using a Scalable ICT Solution  (Eldis)
Women and ICT Status Report 2009  (Eldis)
Convocatoria EROTICS: encuesta sobre regulación en internet y derechos sexuales  (genderIT)
An EROTICS call: Survey on internet regulation and sexual rights  (genderIT)
ICT for Improved Public Service Delivery in Papua New Guinea  (Eldis)
The Linkage Between ICT Applications and Meaningful Development  (Eldis)
Information and Communication Technology Development Indices  (Eldis)
E-readiness Assessment: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka  (Eldis)
ICTs for Good Governance  Experiences from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean  (Eldis)
Five principles for a feminist approach to technology  (genderIT)
Promoting ICT for Human Development in Asia: Realising the Millennium Development Goals  (Eldis)
Best Practices For Even Gender Distribution In The 25 Member States In The Domain Of Information Society  (Eldis)
Manual for Measuring ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals  (Eldis)
E-government in the Asia-Pacific region: Progress and Challenges  (Eldis)
ICT, Education Reform, and Economic Growth  (Eldis)
AKSHAYA : Innovative Operations & Service Delivery, Kerala  (Eldis)
Brazil: Special report "Women on the internet"  (genderIT)
EROTICS India: meet the participants  (genderIT)
The E- Governance Architecture of Global ICT Program  (Eldis)
ICT, Innovation and Public Management: Governance, Models & Alternatives for e-Government Infrastructures  (Eldis)
Web Based Research Mapping and Analysis: ICT-AGRIs Meta Knowledge Base Centralizes ICT and Robotics Development in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues  (Eldis)
Developmental Impact Analysis of an ICT-Enabled Scalable Healthcare Model in BRICS Economies  (Eldis)
Electronic Governance in Asia: State of Play, Impact and Bridging Internal Divide  (Eldis)
An Analysis of the role of ICTs to achieving the MDGs  (Eldis)
The Future of ICT and Learning in the Knowledge Society  (Eldis)
A Scenario on the role of ICT in Governance And Education System  (Eldis)
Connected Health: Transforming Healthcare in Emerging Markets  (Eldis)
Using ICT for Quality in Teaching- Learning Evaluation Processes  (Eldis) @ 57th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York - Take part!  (genderIT)
Effectiveness of ICT in E-Governance with Special Reference to Jharkhand State  (Eldis)
The Vision for a Digitally Empowered Uttar Pradesh | eGov Magazine  (Eldis)
National eHealth Strategy Toolkit  (Eldis)
Good Urban Governance through ICT: Issues, Analysis, and Strategies  (Eldis)
Defence Governance in the Asia Pacific Century  (Eldis)
ICTs For The Broader Development of India: An Analysis of The Literature  (Eldis)
ICT Governance Framework: Government of Malta  (Eldis)
Core ICT Indicators: Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development  (Eldis)
Gender Digital Equality In ICT Interventions In Health  (Eldis)
You are every women: A video on technology-related violence against women  (genderIT)
Essential Health Technologies Strategy  (Eldis)
Use of ICT in Health Care for Rural India: The scenario with Software & Embedded system: the eMedicine way  (Eldis)
ICT - Information and Communication Technologies: Work Programme 2013  (Eldis)
Information and Communications Technology in Health Care  (Eldis)
"What went wrong?" Anita Gurumurthy's statement at the closing ceremony of WSIS plus 10 review  (genderIT) @ 57th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York - Take part!  (genderIT)
Using ICT to Promote Governance  (Eldis)
A Review of the Impact of ICT on Learning  (Eldis)
ICT for Rural Development: An Inclusive Framework for e-Governance  (Eldis)
Usage of ICT for Information Administration in Higher education Institutions  (Eldis)
The use of ICT to support innovation and lifelong learning for all - A report on progress  (Eldis)
World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report 2010  (Eldis)
EROTICS survey: Sexual rights advocates on internet regulation  (genderIT)
E-Governance initiatives in India with special reference to Punjab  (Eldis)
ICTs and Women's Empowerment: Findings from South Asia  (Eldis)

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GL is committed with media, governance and gender justice. Working with partners at local, national, regional and international level to promote gender equality in and through the media and effective campaigns for ending gender violence, HIV and AIDS.
In 2005, a group of scholars and activists, mostly from the global South, created the Copy/South Research Group to analyse, criticise, and confront the oppressive nature of current global copyright regimes, such as those defended by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and similar ones around the globe.
A network of over 150 civil society organizations in Nigeria comprising of civil rights, grassroots, and community-based Non-Governmental Organizations campaigning for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill and eventual implementation when it becomes law in Nigeria.
International NGO dedicated to the dissemination of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) in developing countries, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.
International Internet Community for Environment, Human Rights, Development and Peace. APC is a major CSO worldwide network in advocating for and facilitating the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs) by civil society.
CIADI/Telecom Italia: ¡hands off Bolivia!
Communication Intellectual Property Rights Internet governance E-strategies
Telecentres ICTD within the framework of the MDGs Rural access to ICTs Universal Access Funds
The challenge of developing ICTs in Africa "Cybercrime" and human rights WTO trade agreements and ICTs Access to knowledge
UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity The right to communicate Software: Patents and copyrights Media diversity under threat
World Summit on the Information Society - WSIS    

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