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Gender /Media - Mon Jun 09 2008
Women-media: Stuck at the starting gate
It seems that women's access to universities and newsrooms is more or less equal, but at some point, their progress stops. Do women "opt out" or are they "pushed out"?
Media /Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Jun 04 2008
China's all-seeing eye
Naomi Klein explores China's booming surveillance and security industry, its appeal to Chinese authorities and its significance to the growing culture of surveillance around the world.
Gender - Thu May 15 2008
Gender and Media Summit
The summit will bring together media practitioners; trainers; gender activists and all those who subscribe to the slogan "making every voice count, and counting that it does" to share best practices in creating a more responsive media.
Education /Information and Communication Technologies - Fri May 02 2008
Copyright and education in Africa: Launch of the ACA2K network
As the global community marks World Intellectual Property Day 2008 (26 April), an eight-country African research network is being launched with a mandate to investigate the relationship between copyright and education in African countries.
Media - Thu Apr 10 2008
Is Google keeping the gate In America?
Blogspot has notified Case Wagenvoord, who writes a dissenting blog, that the blog "has been identified as a potential spam blog".
Media - Wed Apr 09 2008
Australia: aboriginal radio holds its own
When the Brisbane Indigenous Media Association (BIMA) applied for a community radio license 15 years ago they had to compete with a Christian group which argued that there were more Christians than aborigines in Brisbane and thus merited a license first.
Human Rights /Media - Mon Mar 31 2008
Atlanta Declaration and Plan of Action
Participants in a global conference on the right of access to public information released the Atlanta Declaration and Plan of Action to advance access to information as a fundamental human right.
Health - Wed Mar 05 2008
1000 telemedicine units for Africa
The Global Digital Solidarity Fund (DFS), established after the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis in 2005 is to launch a new project to enable 1,000 African district hospitals to update their knowledge and practice telemedicine.
Information and Communication Technologies - Tue Feb 26 2008
Net neutrality bill is introduced in U.S. Congress
The "Internet Freedom Preservation Act", introduced by Democrat Representative Edward Markey, would amend the Communications Act of 1934, American telecommunications' defining legal framework.
Communication - Thu Jan 24 2008
Congress on communication
Communicators and media activists committed to promoting a culture of peace are invited to participate in Congress 2008 on communication organized by the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). This Congress is scheduled to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, 6-10 October, 2008.

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