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Communication - Wed Aug 11 2010
Civil Society deeply concerned about roll back in democratic freedoms in South Africa
Civil society organisations express deep apprehension at the recent attempts to strangle the media and the freedom of expression in South Africa.
Communication /Society - Thu Aug 05 2010
Technology transforms election monitoring in Kenya
Civil society organizations in Kenya have helped build an online platform that has actively monitored Kenya's constitutional referendum on August 4, 2010 via sms, titter and mail. This is a key step towards the consolidation of democracy in the country.
Gender - Thu Dec 10 2009
Take back the tech on human rights day
The last day of Take Back The Tech! falls on International Human Rights Day. This acts as an important reminder that the many forms of violence against women violate our most fundamental human rights.
Information and Communication Technologies - Fri May 08 2009
WSIS Forum 2009, 18-22 May, Geneva, Switzerland
The Forum will offer participants a series of highest level panels addressing critical issues to the WSIS implementation and follow-up in multi-stakeholder set-ups.
Human Rights - Mon Nov 10 2008
Facebooking a hunger strike: Saudi activists' innovative online campaign
Seventy Saudi activists launched a two-day hunger strike via Facebook to protest the detention of 11 human rights activists who have been held in Saudi Arabia for months -some for almost two years- without charge.
Human Rights - Tue Sep 23 2008
Rich countries negotiate secret treaty on intellectual property enforcement
Rich countries are coordinating actions to approve the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), a secret intellectual property enforcement treaty being negotiated behind closed doors with serious implications for civil liberties and privacy rights.
Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Aug 27 2008
Communication experts endorse alternative media
About 120 communication experts, meeting in Accra, have endorsed a blend of modern information and communication technologies with traditional and other alternative media forms to disseminate information for development in the globalised world.
Human Rights /Gender /Media - Wed Aug 13 2008
Ransacking of longtime women's news agency
The devastation and disorder of a burglary and violent vandalism at the women’s news agency CIMAC (Women’s Communication & Information) offices in Mexico City last weekend suggest that it was more than a common break-in.
Information and Communication Technologies - Thu Jul 31 2008
Kenya: inside Nairobi, the next Palo Alto?
Nairobi is home to a digital brew that invites optimism about its chances for creating unusual innovations. The city has relatively few wired phone lines or networked personal computers, so mobile phones are the essential digital tool.
Human Rights /Media - Mon Jun 30 2008
Israelis assault award winning IPS journalist
Mohammed Omer, the Gaza correspondent of IPS, and joint winner of the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, was strip-searched at gunpoint, assaulted and abused by Israeli security officials at the Allenby border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank.

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