In 2005, a group of scholars and activists, mostly from the global South, created the Copy/South Research Group to analyse, criticise, and confront the oppressive nature of current global copyright regimes, such as those defended by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and similar ones around the globe.
A network of over 150 civil society organizations in Nigeria comprising of civil rights, grassroots, and community-based Non-Governmental Organizations campaigning for the passage of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill and eventual implementation when it becomes law in Nigeria.
Founded in Dakar (Senegal) in 2000 as a follow-up to a regional conference in preparation for the World Summit on Information Society ( WSIS) FAMEDEV aims to promote the development of the African Continent through information, communication and new technologies conscientising people especially women, on main development issues.
It promotes, supports, encourages and undertakes social science, statistical and scientific research pertaining to the print, electronic, film and other media with a view to enhancing and strengthening their freedom and independence. India.
Created by various independent and alternative media organizations and activists for the purpose of providing grassroots coverage of the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle, the Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. In addition to the site's own news, it is a portal with links to dozens of other independent sources around the world.
NGO sites
South Asia Citizens Web
Independent space on the internet to promote exchange of information between and about citizens initiatives from South Asia.
ABC Ulwazi
Non Governmental Organisation that undertakes both radio training as well as educational radio production. In this respect it is quite unique in South Africa.
Abhivyakti Media for Development
AMD aims to promote a media that is sensitive to the actual needs of the people and to make it more accessible to them in terms of operation and control. It's areas of work include media production, publication, training and media education in schools, media dissemination and networking. India.
Africa Pulse
The Africa Pulse portal aims to develop an easy-to-use Internet-based information service on social and economic development in the southern African region that will keep development workers and local communities informed and up to date.
Africa Women and Child Features Service
Network run by women journalists who write on women and children issues from a progressive gender perspective. Kenya.
African Women's Media Center (AWMC)
The AWMC works with women's media networks, media associations, NGOs, media companies and individuals in Africa. The Center offers a wide range of programs for women journalists throughout Africa, including training workshops and seminars, networking opportunities to share experiences and a clearinghouse of information on fellowship, scholarship and exchange opportunities in Africa.
Feature and news service owned and managed by African journalists. It deals with culture, peace, justice, ecology, religion, gender issues, sustainable development.
AllAfrica Global Media
A leading provider of African news and information worldwide, through news feeds to institutional and agency clients and through We post more than 500 new stories daily from over 80 African media organizations and from our own award-winning reporters. Special categories covered include Business, Sports, Health, Arts, Education, Environment, Media, Religion and Women, as well as Special Reports and Photo Essays.
Alternative Information Center (AIC)
AIC is a Palestinian-Israeli organization which disseminates information, research and political analysis on Palestinian and Israeli societies as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while promoting cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis based on the values of social justice, solidarity and community involvement.
Arabic Media Internet Network - AMIN
AMIN encourages debate on issues of concern to the Palestinian public and international community.
Asian Women's Resource Exchange (AWORC)
Internet-based women's information service and network in Asia.
Caribbean Environmental Reporters' Network (CERN)
A network with members in 13 countries. CERN was established in 1993 to help raise the standard of environmental journalism in the Caribbean and to create better awareness of environmental problems among Caribbean peoples. All CERN's activities are implemented in close collaboration with the Panos Institute.
CEMINA's aim is to ensure that issues related to gender and human rights are at the forefront and an integral part of information and communication in Brazil.
Community Development Library (CDL)
Organization with the mission of delivering development information to activists and organizations who are committed to promotion of sustainable development, gender equity, social justice, human rights and community education. Bangladesh.
Alternative news site that works "to bring out what the mainstream media fails to tell or hides".
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Selected news
Gaza: IFJ plans investigation into violations of press rights
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has announced that it plans to organise a wide ranging investigation into Israeli actions against media during the current conflict in Gaza.
Media criticise Gaza death ruling
Thu Aug 14 2008 - Source: BBC News
Reuters news agency says the Israeli army has made reporting in Gaza "almost impossible" after it cleared a tank crew that killed one of its cameramen.
Ransacking of longtime women's news agency
Wed Aug 13 2008 - Source: AWID
The devastation and disorder of a burglary and violent vandalism at the women’s news agency CIMAC (Women’s Communication & Information) offices in Mexico City last weekend suggest that it was more than a common break-in.

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