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Gender /Information and Communication Technologies - Mon Dec 17 2007
Demanding our reproductive rights on the web: A Uruguayan experience
When it was reported in mid-May 2007 that a Uruguayan woman was being put on trial for having an abortion, many people paid little notice. After all, abortion has been classified as a crime in the country’s criminal code since 1938. Others, however, were outraged by the news and turned to information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a tool for organising, protesting, and putting the contradictions of a legal and sociocultural system that systematically violates women’s reproductive rights back on the political agenda:
Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Nov 07 2007
GPL sparks openness debate in tech sector
This news brief explores the implications of the fight between GPL free software and proprietary for the consumer electronics and related technology industries. The brief highlights the several issues which have arisen during the prepartion of version 3 of the GPL license including the Microsoft deal with Novell and the clash between Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman.
Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Nov 07 2007
Court ruling: ISP must block illegal file-sharing
In what could be a significant way in which the Internet is governed, a court in Belgium has ruled that responsibility for blocking of illegal file sharing falls on Internet Service Providers (ISP). In a first of it's kind ruling, the court has given six months to ISPs to install technology to prevent its customers from sharing pirated music and video files. While some might argue that this is a one-off local ruling, it does not escape the fact that it will definitely impact the way the Internet is governed.
Information and Communication Technologies - Wed Nov 07 2007
Microsoft is rebuffed by standards body
Microsoft’s bid to get it's OOXML standard ratified as an Open Standard by the International Organisation for Standardization suffered a rude jolt when members of that body voted to reject OOXML as an international standard. One of Microsoft's opponents believes that Microsoft's aggressive lobbying strategy which pushed smaller countries to vote in it's favour went against it. However the battle is not yet over as Microsoft still has time till February to rework it's strategy and bring OOXML to true open standard norms to get it approved as an open standard.
Information and Communication Technologies - Mon Nov 05 2007
Internet Governance Forum
A meeting on Internet governance in Rio de Janeiro later this month will bring together participants from around the world.
Information and Communication Technologies - Tue Oct 16 2007
2nd Internet Governance Forum
The 2nd Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) - a new form of global governance created after the World Summit on Information Society in which all stakeholders in the internet can participate - will be convened between 12-15 November 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Media /Information and Communication Technologies - Thu Oct 04 2007
Africa: Continent Freedom of Information Centre launched
A network of Freedom of Information Advocates in Africa has launched a regional Centre in Lagos, Nigeria to galvanize the campaign for the adoption of access to information laws on the continent.
Information and Communication Technologies - Mon Oct 01 2007
Brazil: these computers come with strings attached
The declaration the Dell computer maker is requiring its Brazilian customers to sign, promising their computers will not be exported to the "axis of evil" or used for weapons development, according to reports, highlights the difficulties faced by scientific research due to US geopolitical considerations.
Social Development /Information and Communication Technologies - Tue Sep 11 2007
UN-backed forum examines role of ICT in achieving the MDGs
Over 1,000 participants from 66 countries have gathered at the United Nations Centre in Addis Ababa to explore how the latest information and communication technology (ICT) can help countries overcome poverty and advance development.
Information and Communication Technologies - Thu Jul 26 2007
ICT's for Civil Society: Applications for the Development Sector
The Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT) has hosted its third annual Conference and Exhibition in Johannesburg, on 17-18 July.

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